QuickAlerts Extension

What is QuickAlerts?

QuickAlerts is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that automates repetitive tasks on tradingview.com.

Quickalerts' basic functionality includes the following:

- order alerts on tradingview
- enlarge indicator on alert edit dialog

Basic functionality is free and only requires installing the QuickAlerts Extension (link to Chrome Webstore).

QuickAlerts serves as the backbone for an automation system. Not everyone needs the same features, so QA has different packages called "addons". Each addon can be purchased separetely and you probably don't need all of them.

TradingView Alert Import/Export - $200.00 USD

- For lifetime access.
- Batch Import and Export for TradingView Alerts.
- Allows Batch Alert editing in CSV file instead of one by one.
- Will save you hours if you frequently update alerts.
- Instantly export all alerts to CSV.
- Easily view all alerts and settings to make sure they are correct.
- Clean CSV format to remove clutter from identical data.
- Sync graph indicators to match alerts when you select them from the alert list

TradingView AutoBacktester - $768.00 USD

- For lifetime access.
- Define which graphs you want to test via comma separated list of graphs.
- Output from Watchlist export can be pasted directly into graph list.
- Remember which securities you ran the backtester on last time.
- Easily define which candles to test. Accepts ranges or just a list of candles.
- Runs the strategy backtester through all securities and candles selected.
- Saves results into clean CSV sorted most profitable results first.
- Add the backtester to the graph, then start up the QA automated backtester.

TradingView Batch User Management for Indicators - $1,350.00 USD

- For lifetime access.
- For businesses managing user access to indicators.
- Add/Remove users via intuitive batch process.
- Can be run from any TradingView page.
- Copy + Paste CSV into import/export.
- Generate CSV using A User Management Spreadsheet.
- Utilize "Groups" to fine-tune access for different user tiers.
- Add or remove a list of 200 users to a script in about a minute.
- Click columns/rows to toggle entire groups or scripts on/off.
- UI displays status while import in-progress.
- Report after import on any users with invalid usernames.

QuickAlerts is still actively being developed. We maintain a list of desired features and work to add them to the extension.

If you'd like to get QA today, Fill out the form below to create your account.

If you've got any questions, join us on the The Collective Discord (mention QuickAlerts when you join). The QuickAlerts gist might also have the answers to some of your questions.

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Terms of use

QuickAlerts is not responsible for any financial loss due to it's use. Each time you import a batch of alerts, you should spot-check them to make sure they are what you intended.