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2022 DEC 13 10:46PM (CST), Sokol:
QA version 2.14.2 has been submitted to the app store. This fixes the last issue I'm currently aware of. If you're still running into issues with QA, please report them to the QA discord.

Still manually updating 10+ alerts on TradingView?

QuickAlerts automation saves you:

Download the free Chrome Extension to get started!

You will get the most benefit from QuickAlerts if...

Updating and managing alerts one by one takes more than 20 minutes per session

You use 3rd party software to place orders from TradingView alerts and need to keep indicators and alerts updated regularly (QuickAlerts can be used with GoatAlerts, AutoView, ProfitView etc.)

You want a fast and easy way to backtest strategies and its variations

Advanced: Indicator sellers who need to keep track of their users and access to their indicators

What exactly is QuickAlerts?

QuickAlerts serves as the backbone for your TradingView automations. QuickAlerts is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that automates repetitive tasks on tradingview.com. We launched our first version in March 2018 and constantly update the extension and addons.

Free chrome extension allows you to


QuickAlerts has different addons that can be used with the Extension. Each addon can be purchased separately. Most people will only need the Alert Manager addon to start saving time and money.

Alert Manager - $200.00 USD

Lifetime access

"Been using this for ages and I gotta say that it's been reliable time and time again. 5/5 and even 10/10."
- Damon Crowley

"This is an awesome extension. I've been using it since it came out. I highly recommend this! Saved tons of time and really takes out a lot of worry / stress in the automated trading world. A big thanks to the developers!"
- EPIC Destruction TV

"There is an almighty chasm that has opened between entering pairs into trading view and operating trading bots. QuickAlerts has built over this with a bridge made of steel. Never before has a CSV file been put to it's greatest use! How long can you suffer the painful, repeatative, onslaught that is creation of trading pairs data entry? Worry no more, QuickAlerts has the remedy. You only need to try manual once, then you go looking for QuickAlerts by Sokol."
- zwarbo

This is what Alert import looks like in real time:

Auto Backtester - $768.00 USD

Lifetime access

"It is a great program that works really well. It did struggle with large CSV file size and it would give errors downloading however that was quickly fixed. The data is accurate and you can perform many tests on different tabs. The data that it extracts from TV is exactly the same data you see on TV. Speed is quite fast but if you are trying to test large set of combinations it may take days. I personally tested successfully over 1 million different combinations and have extracted the data. It is worth every cent. A few things to consider before thinking this is the magical tool that will optimize your strategy. Yes for the most part it will however, if your indicator has too many inputs it creates a vast number of possible combinations and once you exceed 100,000 combinations then it gets very long. First optimize your script or break it down in pieces and test piece by piece. My indicator has max outputs and quite customizable with over 500 lines of code. If I could test my script, I am sure you can too! 5/5 Stars from me."
- @EmirK

See The Auto Backtester in real time:

Chart Events Exporter - $750.00 USD

Lifetime access

User Access Admin - $1,350.00 USD

Lifetime access

"I have 50+ paid and free indicators. Some buy access to one indicator and some buy access to all indicators on a yearly subscription. Indicator Admin helps me keep track of users and their permissions."
CryptoGnome - gnomegarden.io

User Access Admin V2 - $1,350.00 USD

Lifetime access

"I have 50+ paid and free indicators. Some buy access to one indicator and some buy access to all indicators on a yearly subscription. Indicator Admin helps me keep track of users and their permissions."
CryptoGnome - gnomegarden.io

Automator - $250.00 USD

The QuickAlerts Automator Addon can be used to automate time-based actions on the QuickAlerts Alert Import Addon or the QuickAlerts User Access Admin Addon.

QuickAlerts is still actively being developed. We maintain a list of desired features and work to add them to the extension.

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If you've got any questions, join us on the QA discord. The QuickAlerts gist might also have the answers to some of your questions.

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QuickAlerts is not responsible for any financial loss due to it's use. Each time you import a batch of alerts, you should spot-check them to make sure they are what you intended.